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Small dot on a piece of paper....

Imagine a small dot on a piece of paper. Too small that everybody can barely see it. Too small that nobody can even notice its existence. Too small that it feels so hopeless, motionless and scared. Plus, it is just a small black dot that has no value when it stands alone, waiting to be wiped out of the paper so anybody else can feel up the space with better writings of sentences that can entertain people who read it. What can it do on a paper? Nothing! Exactly nothing!. In reality, you are the small dot. You are a small person living in a big world. A world that you hope can give you everything that you ever dreamed of. You worked hard for it. You gave up everything you could for your dream. You wish to have a higher standard of living once you achieved the goal. But the thing is, it is just a beginning. Like a the small dot; it is just a beginning for a letter and without a letter, we can't form a word and without a word, a sentence is not complete. A good sentence comes from a dot that teams up with billions of other dots to make the sentence visible. A single person represents a dot on a piece of paper. No one ever notices it. No one ever cares unless he/she does something valuable. That is how I put myself. My ability and knowledge are insignificant. What is important is what I can do with them. It does not matter if I had a first class degree from the best school in the world. The only thing matters is what I can contribute. There are many out there who have same level of degree and knowledge that I have, in fact there are people who have better skills and knowledge. I need to push myself to show them what I can do and what I can do the best. This is a cruel world and the best will survive.


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